Botanical Dog and Botanical Cat

An old leather journal.

A stable block in Yorkshire England

A Victorian dowager.

Formulas written years ago for natural pet care.


Dear Future and Current Customers,

Our company is based on the statements above.

During an extended stay at my family home in England. I found an old brown leather journal in my great grandmothers stable offices. Written in the late 1800's,it contained a treasure trove of all natural pet care. Many of her formulas were written for the Yorkshire terriers and Dalmatians that she bred.

Skin and Coat care were discussed in detail, as well as flea remedies. Plant leaves were used in abundance, freshly picked off the moors on a daily basis. Lavender was used frequently to calm sensitive and hyper dog. Harvested in Scotland and brought to Yorkshire by her sister on her many visits.

I was fascinated with the knowledge that she had carefully chronicled. Upon returning to the USA .I began experimenting with many of the recipes on my own dogs. Working with a formulator, I was finally able to develop Botanical Dog as it is known today. Our company uses the latest technology in manufacturing our products, while still retaining the original vision of natural and safe pet care.

I hope you enjoy Botanical Dog products as much as I have enjoyed working on this line of natural pet care. And that you check back often to our site as we add new products and ever changing assortment of pet product manufacturers to our website.


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