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Allergies in dogs -To diagnose them, We must first understand them. There are 5 common types

Does your pet have the following condition?

  • Flea Dermatitis

  • Environmental Dermatitis

  • Infectious Dermatitis

  • Allergic Dermatitis

  • Nutritional Dermatitis

  • Does your dog lick and chew themselves to the point of causing a skin lesion, or moist eczema (hot spots)?

  • Does your dog have a greasy coat and odor? Inflamed or stressed skin?

  • Does your dog have foul smelling ears?

  • Environmental Dermatitis
This kind of dermatitis usually manifests itself as hot spots and rashes and can usually be treated quickly.

Swimming is the number #1 offender in this area.The dog's coat holds moisture on the skin which can cause bacteria to grow and left untreated will erupt as a hot spot

The areas most affected by these allergies are the feet and belly of the allergic dog. Around the Neck area and back.

Botanical Dog's Famous Hot Spot Powder. With soothing essential oils and secret natural ingredients.    8OZ                                                  $19.99 

A homeopathic formula by Homeopet medicated to relieve hot spots that are red, oozing or dry and flaky. Supports healing where hair loss
occurs from chewing and licking the hot spot area.                          

  • Allergic Dermatitis
This type of allergy can be difficult to treat and many times a daily log is needed in which the pet owner can use a process of elimination in determining the substance that is triggering the allergic reaction. Your dog may be allergic to mold spores in the air, pollen, plastic food dishes, dust mites, carpets, chemicals used around the house, grasses and furniture stuffing (to name a few) Keep in mind the a truly allergic dog is far more sensitive than one with environmental dermatitis as the dog will appear fine one minute and can chew itself raw the next.                       

Skin & Hair Support for dogs is formulated to provide vital nutrients for cleansing the body of toxins. The synergistic herbal blend feeds cells that create healthy skin and hair and allow internal detoxification to take place. Assists the healing process for conditions such as allergies, scabs, hair loss, flaky skin, hot spots and itching. Cleanses and heals from the inside out.                                           2oz-Approx 30 Day Supply                                          $17.99 

Calendula Skin Spray soothes inflammation and stressed skin. The skin spray contains antimicrobial and antifungal herbs and it can be safely licked by cats or dogs   4oz                                                                        $17.99 


  • Infectious Dermatitis
This type of dermatitis usually a secondary skin problem that follows either environmental or parasitic dermatitis. It consists of yeast, bacterial or fungal organisms that contaminate the skin. Symptoms are inflamed and stressed skin. Signs of a yeast infection are a greasy coat and odor
  • Flea Dermatitis


A common misconception with this problem is that to have flea dermatitis the dog must be infested with the parasites. But sometimes there will be no sign of fleas, and your dog will be scratching. Some dogs are hypersensitive due to repeated exposure to fleas and a single bite can cause a flare up. Symptoms are usually bumps and blisters, continuous licking and scratching of the area and hair loss. Other tell tale signs are a small brown dust when combing or brushing.

Flea Bite by Homeopet A homeopathic formula that helps promote healing for itchy, irritated skin caused by flea, tick, or insect bites.  $11.99 

Flea Comb-helpful in monitoring for flea infestation  .  A quick and Easy Tip- when checking for fleas.Keep a bowl of hot water and soap liquid of to one side.Then you can quickly dip the comb into the liquid and the fleas that just came of your dog are killed instantly.            $8.99 

Botanical Dog's Flea Therapy Shampoo -with neem oil and eucalyptus                                          $9.99 

  • Food Allergies


Food Related Dermatitis causes scratching of the entire body especially the sides and neck area. Chewing on the base of the tail and feet are common. Also a dull and greasy coat are good indication. Many food allergies appear as smelly foul ears. The most common cause for this condition is feeding your pet a "supermarket food". Despite the fact that the labels indicate natural and with vegetables, many times you are just feeding your dog a diet rich in preservatives, dyes and low quality by- products. A diet full of empty carbohydrates and fats. Many pet owners will be surprised  at the rapid skin and coat improvements once you switch to a truly natural balanced diet. This can be in the form of a high quality food such as Innova, Solid Gold, Wellness, Artemis or Natures Balance. We also recommend Cooked diets and Raw Diets.. Also administrating a Herbal Detoxifer will speed the diet change. Remember changing your dogs diet should be done slowly by mixing a small amount of the new food with the existing food. Gradually increasing the ratio. This will lessen the chance of a stomach upset.

Heidi's Hypo Allergenic Treat Organic Spelt Flour (easier for dogs w/ allergies to digest than wheat flour) Parmesean Cheese Organic Fresh Garlic (helpful in repelling fleas; helps to eliminate worms; strengthens digestion; effective in supporting the immune system and much more) Organic Canola Oil           8 OZ                    $6.99 

We also recommend Tashas Herbs    Herbal Detoxifer  $17.99  2oz-Approx 30 Day                                          


Botanical Dog's Suggested products for your Dog's Allergies

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Antiox-50 Medium  $13.99
Also available for Small and Large dogs

Skin and Itch Relief $11.99

Kelp Powder $12.99

Soothing Skin Blend $12.99

Ester C $8.99



Skin Therapy Set $36.96

Skin Therapy Shampoo  $9.99

Skin Therapy Conditioner $8.99

Skin Therapy Ear Cleaner $8.99

Skin Therapy Soothing Spray $8.99



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