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Skin and Coat -The key to a healthier dog. It's all about 4 simple lifestyle changes.

Does your pet have the following condition?

  • Atopy (Inhalant Allergies)

  • Hot Spots

  • Mange

  • Did you know that a dog's skin control's your pet's temperature?

  • Did you know that your dog's skin protects against infection and disease?

  • Did you know that healthy skin also plays a part in the production of hair and nails, and helps organs function properly?

There are several steps involved in obtaining a healthy coat and skin for your dog. Maintaining this program throughout your dogs life is key.By far nutrition ranks at the top of the list of changes you can make.

Common skin disorders are the number #1 problem effecting your dogs health.

  • Hot Spots

  • Bare Patches

  • Dandruff

  • Pigment changes to the skin

  • Matting and Tangles

  • Dull Looking Coat

  • Itching

  • Bumpy Rashes

  • Scratching

  • Shedding

A poor diet is a fast track to illness and food related allergies. When selecting a pet food
it is best to choose an all natural and organic diet. Many "supermarket foods" have natural written all over the labeling ,many times this is far from the truth. We recommend
foods containing quality sources of highly-digestible protein, as well as minimally processed vegetables, grains and fruits. Also be sure to check for Artificial colors, flavors and preservatives ,all of which are a common trigger for many of your pets allergies, including the "smelly ear syndrome".
Adding supplements to your pets diet will help pick up were the diet has left off. These supplements provide the additional antioxidants,Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, and other nutrients that assist cell maintenance and repair. Many of these supplements will help combat dry, flaky skin and other coat and skin conditions.

Skin & Hair Support for dogs is formulated to provide vital nutrients for cleansing the body of toxins. The synergistic herbal blend feeds cells that create healthy skin and hair and allow internal detoxification to take place. Assists the healing process for conditions such as allergies, scabs, hair loss, flaky skin, hot spots and itching. Cleanses and heals from the inside out. 2oz-Approx 30 Day Supply $18.99

A comprehensive essential fatty acid supplement that supports coat sheen and luster, and improved skin tone. It is recommended for dogs with dry, greasy or dull coats; dry skin; dandruff; hair loss; skin allergies; mange and hot spots.
120 Tablets - Approx 60 Day Supply $19.99

Regular brushing of your pet stimulates your dogs lymph system. The lymph system acts as a waste removal. Grooming also stimulates the epidermis, releases loose hair, distributes oils throughout the coat, and yields a clean well kept dog. Regular combing with a flea comb will also combat flea dermatitis.

Massage your pet ,you will both find it soothing and relaxing!

# 4

Take you outside for regular walks and playtimes! Don't be a couch potato!

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