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Ear Care For Dogs

The #1 helpful suggestion for your pets chronic ear problems is a change in diet.

Switching your dog to a natural diet, raw diet , or cooked diet will be significantly helpful in clearing up your dogs ear infections.


The ears are an extension of the skin, and they act as a release mechanism for toxic waste.

Monthly Flea applications, Heartworm tablets and "supermarket dog food" are a common contributor to ear problems. Many of these products contain chemicals, preservatives, artificial colorings and flavoring.

If you are willing to change your pets diet and follow some simple Natural steps ,you should start to see " ear issues" healing after 2-4 months.

Unlike antibiotics and steroids which can cause other illnesses over time, the products we manufacture and recommend are all natural. They will help to heal from the inside out

                                                                                                                                       Skin Therapy Ear Cleaner-  Botanical Dogs Ear Cleaner was specially formulated, to provide relief to your pets ear ailments.

Naturally cleans dirt and wax from ears
Eliminates odor
Helps restore and promote proper ph
Reduces inflammation due to allergies     8 oz        $9.99 

 Tasha's Herbs Detoxifer is formulated to specifically cleanse and rebuild the body.

Use to counteract exposure to cortisone, steroids ,toxins such as chemical flea collars, household chemicals ,a poor diet, household chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers,chemicals/by-products in food or anesthetics.     1 oz           $17.99   

Ear Relief Kit # 1    Skin Therapy Ear Cleaner, Tasha's Herbs Detoxifer   - These kits are formulated to provide quick helpful choices when dealing with your pets ailment.                                  $24.95    Click on add to cart for more info

Ear Relief Kit # 2 Skin Therapy Ear Cleaner, Tasha's Herb Detoxifer, Ear Treatment Oil    -             $39.00  Click on add to cart for more info

Ear Relief Kit # 3 Skin Therapy Ear Cleaner, Tasha's Herb Detoxifer, Ear Treatment Oil, Certified Organic Norwegian Kelp  - A more in depth kit with a food supplement                                              $52.00 Click on add to cart for more info


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