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Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover gives results in as few as two applications! Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover has been tested and proven to work by professional breeders!

Eye Envy is the most effective product for removing ugly tear stains on your dog or cat on the market today. Eye Envy is a two-step process, our solution removes tearstains effectively, safely and gently and our powder helps keep the area dry and repel new tears. Eye Envy is a cleaning solution that is non-irritating and proven to prevent eye leakage and discharge, quickly and through an easy to use method that your pet will thank you for.  Eye Envy contains a cleanser, an astringent, an anti-bacterial and an herbal antibiotic.  Eye Envy contains NO bleach, peroxide, alcohol or whitening agents.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What causes excessive tearing and staining:
A: Staining can be caused by a variety of things:

  1. Clogged or Shallow Tear Ducts: Studies indicate that 20-25% of small dogs and cats are born with closed of shallow tear ducts. Tears overflow because there the eyelid space is not deep enough to contain them.
  2. Excessive Tearing: When the face hair is wet from excessive tearing, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast infections (AKA: Red Yeast, which causes deep reddish-brown stains); Low grade bacteria infections may also cause excessive tearing.
  3. Cutting Teeth: Cutting teeth may cause changes in the head & mouth structure of your pet, placing pressure on the tear ducts.
  4. Irritation & Allergies: Some animals get hair or eyelashes into their eyes causing irritation.  Many breeds are susceptible to allergies. Shampoos and other chemicals can also irritate their eyes Some foods cause allergic reactions; animals may also build an allergic reaction over time to a type of food.
  5. Water: Water with high mineral levels causes staining
  6. Food & Treats: Diet can play a significant role in tearing.  Many commercial foods contain additives, preservatives and food coloring. This could lead to staining.
  7. Fleas: Fleas survive in moisture, which they get from the eye or moth area. This could cause irritation and in addition red stains left behind may be from flea feces.  These are just a few reasons. There are MANY more!!

Q: What is Eye Envy so different that all the other products that I've bought and don't work?
A: Eye Envy works at the true problem, a bacteria infection.  Eye Envy contains a cleanser, an astringent (to dry the area) and herbal flower extract (acts as a natural antibiotic) and an antibacterial. 

Eye Envy is a topical tear stain remover.  Other products are often masked as palatable supplements, taking months to work and requiring your pet to ingest antibiotics (e.g. tylan, tylosin as tartrate, collidal silver). 

Q:  What if I've used bleach or peroxide to clean the area around the eyes?
A: Bleach/Peroxide make the hair shaft very porous, causing the stain to set into the hair.  Eye Envy will only lighten the areas previously damaged by bleach or peroxide, but all regrowth will be clean.

PLEASE do not use peroxide, bleach or woolite on your animals.

Q: Is Eye Envy safe to use on my pregnant dog or cat?
A: Yes.  Since Eye Envy is applied externally, it is 100% safe to use on pregnant, lactating and even small kittens (over the age of 7 weeks).

Q: Should Eye Envy be refrigerated? If so, how long is it's shelf life?
A: Eye Envy should be refrigerated (unless your buying the herbal version, which does not require refrigeration). The shelf life in the refrigerator approximately 3-4 months.

Q: Is Eye Envy applied inside the eyes?
A: No.  Eye Envy is to be applied externally only.

Q: What happens if a small amount gets into my pets eyes?
A: There is nothing to worry about is some solution gets into your pets eyes. The ingredients are safe and have been tested.

Q: How many pads come in a jar?
A: There are approximately 28-30 pads per jar. Our pads are made of special material to avoid any "fuzz" from getting into your pets eyes.

Q: Can I use Eye Envy on my dog/cats legs, tail, mouth area? Is it safe?
A: Yes. The ingredients will not harm your animal. Also, EE can be used for chin acne and urine stains.

Q: Should I refrigerate my product when it arrives?
A: Your product should be refrigerated as soon as it arrives. It's shelf life outside of the fridge is 2-3 weeks, so you product should be refrigerated immediately.

Q: I have a white dog, do you recommend the powder?
A: Yes! With any white animals it is recommended to use both the solution and the powder.

Q: Does Eye Envy fade/bleach colored animals?
A: No. The product does not contain any peroxides or bleaching agents. Your pets hair will not discolor.

Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Apply Eye Envy to your Dog
Begin with Eye Envy Solution or Pre-soaked Pads:

  1. If your pets eyes are very crusty and full of debris, then gently clean around their eyes with warm water and a toothbrush (softly) or a small flea comb. Try to remove as much debris as possible. If eyes are mostly runny, with no big clumps of debris, then skip this step.*
  2. Shake bottle of Eye Envy well and soak up a cotton pad or washcloth.
  3. Gently wipe around eye area. Don't be afraid to get it too wet. Do not pour solution into eyes, but don't worry if a little bit gets inside. Allow to dry.
  4. Gently work the Eye Envy Powder into your dogs fur, working around the eyes and working powder against the hair growth. You can use a small brush, Q-Tip or your fingertip. Allow to dry. You can apply the powder immediately after applying the solution. Avoid powder in their nose.
  5. You're DONE! Your dogs eyes should look great within a few hours. Continue this process for 1 straight week. After one week, apply as necessary.

*Note: Step 1 is for first time users and for animals that have extreme debris in their eyes. After the initial application, you will only need to do consider Steps 2 - 4.

Keep Refrigerated Do Not Ingest Do Not Pour Into Eyes

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