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Ear Relief Kit # 1-Easy Solutions Discounts Apply !
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Ear Relief Kit # 1-Easy Solutions
Botanical Dog's Easy Ear solution kit contains.

Skin Therapy Ear Cleaner-a gentle herbal cleanser to soothe and heal.(8 OZ)

Tasha's Herbs Detoxifer Herbal blend .This "food additive" will start to cleanse your pets of the toxins in the body.(2 OZ)

Commercial Pet food (ie Supermarket),Spot Flea treatment and many of the chewable Heartworm Medications are the most prevelant cause of "gross" ear discharge.When you pet is overloaded with chemicals,artifical coloring and preservitives many times the ear discharge will be the outlet for the toxic waste.

With a change in diet to a natural or raw food and the addition of the Easy solution Ear Kit you will start to see changes in the overall health of your pet in 2-3 months
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Price: $24.95

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