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Sojos Europa Grain Free Dog Mix-Free Ground Shipping USA Discounts Apply !
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Sojos Europa Grain Free Dog Mix-Free Ground Shipping USA
INGREDIENTS: Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Broccoli, Celery, Apples, Whole Egg, Flax Meal, Parsley Leaf, Calcium Carbonate, Carob Powder, Kelp Powder, Alfalfa, Ginger Root, Garlic FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Combine Europa, meat, and water (see charts below for amounts). Let soak in refrigerator (preferably overnight) and serve. You can mix a four-day batch ahead of time and refrigerate in a sealed container or keep larger batches in the freezer. Shake bag occasionally to keep ingredients mixed. For Adult and Geriatric dogs try once-a-day feeding. For puppies try twice-a-day feeding. (For twice-a-day feeding, split the amounts below in half.) Measurements are listed in cups.
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