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This botanical formula was developed as a natural, botanical alternative to chemical pesticides in controlling fleas and ticks on your pet. It is easy to apply and leaves a mild, fresh smell. You simply spray on a light application, massage into pet's coat, and it starts to work immediately to repel and kill fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.
Price: $12.99

Ark Naturals Nu-Pet Granular greens


A powerful antioxidant formulated for all pets. Nu-Pet Granular Greens provides the supplementation your pet needs that's missing from their everyday diet. Specially formulated with important vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients not available in commercially processed pet food including premium pet foods. Granular form makes it easy for you to administer to your pet in their daily feedings. 8 oz. granular.

Why should I use Nu-Pet Granular Greens for my dog? 90% of disease is caused by poor nutrition. Dogs are carnivores and should eat a diet as close to raw as possible. Supermarket foods and premium dog foods do not duplicate a natural diet. Chemicals are commonly added to commercial food to retard spoilage, to keep product moist and chewy. Artificial colors are added for human appeal (dogs are color blind). Sugars derived from corn starch and corn syrup produce unsafe energy highs and lows that stress your dog's internal organs. NuPet Granular Greens is a natural safe approach to providing nutrients missing in your pet's diet. Can I use Nu-Pet Granular Greens for my cats and other pets? Yes, the product is ok for all animals. However, you should know that cats need higher levels of protein and carbohydrates than dogs, and Ark Naturals' Nu-Pet Feline Antioxidant is formulated to meet those needs. Why is Nu-Pet Granular Greens a good choice as an antioxidant and vitamin product? Contains only premium human grade all natural ingredients. Nu-Pet Plus and Nu-Pet Granular Greens provide your pet antioxidant nutrients including all vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and minerals vital to your cat's health. Yeast Free: animals as well as humans are frequently allergic to yeast, may cause dry skin and coats, excessive itching, adverse autoimmune responses. Nu-Pet Plus and Nu-Pet Granular Greens contain no chemicals, preservatives, sugars, starch, glutens and are non-irradiated. What should I know about the ingredients? Wheat sprouts provide critical antioxidants hat help to prevent allergies, arthritis, premature aging and cancer. Wheat Grass: source of chlorophyll, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and all known vitamins and trace elements Barley grass: source of calcium, iron, all essential amino acids, vitamin C, the flavonoids and vitamin B12 Alfalfa: source of chlorophyll, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and a natural anti-inflammatory Spirulina: source of essential amino acids, B12, RNA and DNA nucleic acids, aids in protecting the immune system. Kelp: source of B vitamins, minerals and trace elements, important source of iodine Source of superoxide dismutase (SOD) one of nature's most powerful free radical fighters
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Ark Naturals Sea Mobility Beef Jerky


Ark Naturals Sea Mobility Beef Jerky-Sea "Mobility" provides mobility enhancement and flexibility improvement from the natural power of Sea Cucumber, MSM, and Glucosamine!

Our newest product is a real beef (USDA) jerky strip, super- powered with nutraceuticals to help maximize joint function when joint mobility is critical for your dog's lifestyle. Excellent for dogs from puppies to "Seniors". Great for any dog that can't swallow a pill or capsule.

Available Sizes: Approx. 22 Pieces
Price: $14.99
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Ark Naturals Joint Rescue-90 Chewable Tablets-Free Ground Shipping


Ark Naturals Joint Rescue-Free Ground SHipping

A natural alternative to Rimadyl

"Rescues" your pet from chronic arthritis pain, relieves swollen joints, morning stiffness, inability to run and play as well as age related immobility. This product is formulated to heal damaged cartiledge, tendons, and ligaments. Joint "Rescue" contains therapeutic dosages of Glucosamine plus anti-inflammatory botanicals which improve joint mobility and provide relief for symptoms of pain and inflamation.

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90 Chewable Wafers

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Price: $38.95

Ark Naturals Royal Coat


Ark Naturals Royal Coat-.This product also helps to resolve canine and feline skin disorders including: seborrhea, pruritis, allergic itching, dry skin, hot spots and rashes.

Provides your pets with an excellent, all-natural source of EFAs (essential fatty acids) they need to maintain healthy skin and shiny coats. Royal Coat provides your pet with the necessary supplemental amounts of Omega-6 (Borage Oil) and Omega-3 (Fish Oil) missing from Commercial pet foods that help to maintain a shiny, healthy coat. This product also helps to resolve canine and feline skin disorders including: seborrhea, pruritis, allergic itching, dry skin, hot spots and rashes.

8 or 16 oz

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Royal Coat Sizes: 16 Oz Bottle (+$39.99)
8 Oz bottle (+$22.99)
Price: $39.99

Ark Naturals BREATH-LESS Brushless-Toothpaste


Ark Naturals Breath-Less Brushless Toothpaste eliminates brushing hassles. Breath freshening outside, with real toothpaste inside!

Now your pets can care for their own teeth. These highly digestible chews end hand brushing, wipes, sprays, gels, paste and jumpy pets. These chews have ridges that are proven effective for teeth scrubbing.

Small to Medium Size - 12 ounce bag (approximately 30 chews). Medium to Large Size - 18 ounce bag (approximately 26 chews).
Brushless Toothpaste Sm/Med (+$14.99)
Med/Large (+$18.95)
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Ark Naturals BREATH-LESS Plaque Zapper(Thirty 2 gm/.07 oz. pouches per box.)


Ark Naturals Breath-Less Fizzy Plaque-Zapper fights plaque, tartar, bad breath & stained teeth! Veterinarian recommended and formulated.

Plaque-Zapper contains naturally available enzymes that are activated by mouth saliva. As your pets drink from their water bowl Ark's Plaque Zapper...Zaps harmful mouth bacteria and their clinically tested enzymes stop plaque from sticking to teeth. Will not change your pet's drinking or eating habits.
Plaque Zapper Small/Medium (+$13.99)
Medium/Large (+$14.99)
Price: $0.00

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