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Ecopure Natural Ear Care (.5fl oz)


Ecopure Natural ear care for dogs and cats that's chemical free! As pets (especially canines) have been domesticated and cross bred, their ears have gotten longer and droopier– a far departure from the ancestor wolf. As a result, the external ear area of pets requires extra care to prevent or minimize ear infections, wax buildup, etc. Natural Ear Care’s formula uses a safe and effective combination of natural ingredients:
Price: $5.99

Ecopure Natural Flea and Tick Spray (4 OZ)


ecoPure Naturals flea & Tick spray - safely repel fleas and ticks without dangerous chemicals! Artificial, chemical-filled flea & tick sprays work by interfering with the nervous system of insects. Basically, these products stop the normal action of neuro-transmitters, causing the insects to lose control of bodily functions, go into convulsions, dehydrate and ultimately die. Guess what happens when pets come in contact with such sprays and either ingest or inhale them? Naturals’ Flea & Tick Spray also interrupts a specific set of neurotransmitters found only in insects, resulting in a complete breakdown of the insect's central nervous system, but it does this with food-grade ingredients, making it extremely environmentally friendly. You may have to reapply Flea & Tick Spray on your pet a little more frequently than the dangerous chemical sprays, but you can feel confident that it is safe.

ecoPure Naturals’ Flea & Tick Spray utilizes natural, safe, effective ingredients such as Castor Oil, Eugenol (Clove Oil) and Thyme Oil that have been used for decades as a defense against unfriendly pests. They are listed on the US EPA Biopesticide Active Ingredient Fact Sheet and the FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list.

Flea & Tick Spray contains 9% active ingredients (Castor Oil, Thyme Oil and Clove Oil). Castor oil comes from the castor seed, thyme oil from the herb thyme, and Eugenol is oil derived from cloves. These

4 OZ
Price: $9.99

ecoPure Naturals 2 oz Herbal Skin Creme


Ecopure Herbal Skin Crème is formulated from herbs that have been used for centuries as a remedy for a wide variety of skin ailments. Excellent for superficial skin irritation such as minor cuts, abrasions, burns, rashes and hot spots. 2 Fl. Oz. bottle. Made in the USA. 2 oz.
Ingredients: cedrus deodara(Himalayan cedar), pongamia glabra(Indian beech), azadirachta indica(neem), acorus calamus(sweetflag), eucalyptus globuius(blue gum eucalyptus), purified water, aloe vera, gltcerine, xanthum gum, methylparaben, propylparaben, methylisothiazolinone.
Price: $7.99
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Ecopure Aromatherapy Sage Spray


Clary Sage aroma has been traditionally used to calm nerves and reduce anxiety. Aromatherapy is a great way to pamper your dog's body, mind, and spirit. ecoPure Naturals’ Aromatherapy Spray is made from essential oils found in many different parts of plants, fruits, roots, leaves, flowers, and bark. Certain music, colors and aromas have a soothing effect on certain parts of the brain. Aromatherapy affects the limbic system, which is located deep in the brain and controls moods, desires, motivation, and creativity. The limbic system is directly connected to the pituitary gland and hypothalamus area that controls the release of hormones that can affect appetite, nervous system, body temperature, stress levels, and concentration. ecoPure Naturals' Aromatherapy Sprays are made from essential oils, which are oils distilled from botanical material. These sprays should NOT be used around cats because a cat's system can not effectively excrete essential oils and they can build up to toxic levels, creating major heath problems. ecoPure Naturals’ Aromatherapy Sprays will have a positive, relaxing effect on your pet – stressed by living in the human environment, traveling, participating in shows, exposure to loud sounds like thunder and car traffic, etc. Ingredients: Purified water, glycerine, lactic acid, natural essential oil, potassium sorbate (preservative), sodium benzoate (preservative) Made in the USA.

2 Oz Spray
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Price: $5.19
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EcoPure Tear Stain Pads (50ct)


These large, easy-to-use pre-moistened pads use a gentle cleanser to help keep your pet's eye area clean and healthy and remove tear stains effectively, safely and gently. Safe for cats and dogs.
Most veterinarians agree that face staining results from excessive tearing. For pets, the wet face hair is a breeding ground for bacterial and yeast growth. The most common is "Red Yeast" which produces reddish-brown facial stains, and which may emit a moderate to noticeably strong odor. Tear ducts may become infected and result in excess tearing and noticeable staining.
EcoPure Tear Stain Pads contain 50 pads in each container. Made in the USA.
Price: $11.99

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