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PetzLife Gel


Petz Life Gel
Price: $25.95

Petzlife Oral Care Spray


Price: $24.95

Petzlife Oral Care Spray/Gel 2 Pack-Free SHipping in the USA


Petzlife Oral Care Spray/Gel 2 Pack

For even faster results spray in the morning brush in the evening. With this special pricing don't forget an extra pack or 2 for all your pet loving friends
Why risk Anesthesia shock, or even death!!! Clean your Pet's teeth without going to the Vet. PetzLife Oral Care Spray & Gel are revolutionary award winning products that thousands of satisfied customers agree not only remove plaque and tartar but also kill **Product Pick** AnimalWellness Magazine bacteria on contact, the main cause of bad breath in cats and dogs! Research has indicated that the number one health problem diagnosed by veterinarians in dogs and cats is oral disease. Bacteria accumulation can lead to oral disease and increase the risk for disease in other organs, such as the heart, liver and kidneys, according to research. 100% All Natural and safe for all breeds of dogs and cats!!! "Mouth infections can lead to serious problems in the gums and other parts of the body, including the heart, so it's important to give your dog's teeth and mouth special attention." -- American Kennel Club Simply use our Spray or Gel on pet’s teeth and the active natural ingredients will remove plaque and tarter, kill bacteria, heal gums, and eliminate bad breath!

Spray 2 oz Gel 4 Oz
Price: $0.00

Petzlife TickZ..controls ticks and Fleas (4 oz)


Tickz is an herbal product that helps to repel Ticks and other biting insects.

Does not contain any chemical insecticides and is safe for all ages. Ideal for dogs or owners who are allergic to chemical sprays.

Simply sprinkle on the animal’s moist food twice a day for 5 days and protect your pet for up to 2-3 months. Takes effect in as little as 5-10 days and dosage can be repeated if needed.

4 oz
Price: $19.99

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