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Happy Tails Tear Stain Dual Pack(50 Pads/60 Doses)


Happy Tails Eyepack Tear Stain Remover is unique because

It's an all natural two part product that addresses both the cause and the symptoms of the problem.

It's safe and convenient to use
Br> It contains no pharmaceutical anti-biotics and is gentle enough for any dog, even a puppy.

Over time the all natural immune booster will improve your dog's overall health
Price: $32.99
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Happytails Ear Aid


Happytails Ear Aid. A gentle, all-natural two part program that cleans and deodorizes your dog's ears.
Statistics show that ear infections are the number one reason why dog owners visit the vet. It often takes multiple visits to eliminate the problem which is not only frustrating (for both dog and owner) but it's also very expensive.
The best way to prevent a dog's ear infection is to start a regular home cleaning regimen. This not only helps to stop infections before they start but it also keeps the owner in tune with the condition of the dog's ears.
To help dog owners combat ear infections happytails has created Ear Aid, a dual-action program that works to clean, deodorize, and protect a dog's ears. It's easy to use, all natural, highly effective and extremely affordable!
The program consists of two steps. The first (1) is an external cleaning of the ears and the second (2) is a serum that goes into the ear canal to heal delicate tissue and protect from bacteria.
Ear serum 1 oz Ear Pads 50 Count Made in the USA
Price: $28.99

Happytails Eyemunity(60 Doses)


Happytails Eyemunity is a nutrient-rich, high-metabolite immunogen that helps to strengthen your best friends' resistance and maintain wellness. It's a wonderful addition to a dogs diet and helps to prevent and eliminate unsightly tear staining. Eyemunity is excellent for older and immune-compromised dogs. All natural, human-consumption grade ingredients.

All natural

Delivers 3x the antioxidant power of any known fruit.

Active ingredients are all human grade and have been used for decades

Contains no pharmaceutical anti-biotics and is gentle to your dog's system

Helps to maintain and improve your dogs natural systemic immunity

Dogs love the taste

Price: $22.99
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HappyTails Flea the Scene..8oz


Happytails Flea the Scene

Skin soothing insect spray with sunscreen

Nothing ruins a relaxing day in the sun like uninvited guests. Mosquitoes, fleas and annoying neighbors can all turn that perfect afternoon into sheer torture. All natural Flea the Scene is a 3-in-1 spray that will take the sting out of flea season while soothing and protecting your canine companion.

Flea the Scene also soothes irritated skin with Indian Frankincense and aloe vera while providing UV protection with an all-natural sunscreen (dont forget that dog's get sunburned too!).

All natural Flea the Scene:

It's all natural and perfectly safe even if your dog licks it off

A perfect complement to products like Frontline & Advantage No overwhelming medicinal aroma like some sprays

Perfect product for a day at the beach or a walk in the park Yes you can use it on yourself

Flea the Scene contains no SLS or Parabens...and of course, is cruelty free..well except to mosquitoes, fleas and annoying neighbors
Price: $14.00

Happytails Fur Breeze (Rosemary/Peppermint)


Happytails FUR BREEZE (ROSEMARY PEPPERMINT) This Aromatic Spa Mist actually helps eliminates unpleasant odors, replacing them with an aroma more appropriate for the modern dog. 9 oz

Price: $13.99
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Happytails Sleepy Time Tonic


Happytails Sleepy Time Tonic

Works to nourish the physical nervous system and assists in retraining efforts to break habits like barking, cowering or aggression

1.0 fl oz
Price: $11.99
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