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Bowser Breath


Bowser Breath Herbal Breath Drops for Dogs Provides quick, safe and lasting relief from foul odors that are produced in the mouth or digestive tract of your pet.

Formulated by leading animal herbalist Gregory Tilford, author of the best selling book "All You Ever Wanted to Know About Herbs for Pets", Bowser Breath is made with a blend of time-honored breath-freshening herbs and a revolutionary patented extract of Champignon mushrooms--- the kind most commonly used in human food.

This formula acts by reducing levels of potentially harmful chemicals that may be contributing to your companionĺs bad breath1, while adding a sweet, minty odor to his mouth.

Backed by science and over 10 years of safe consumption by animals and people, the mushroom extract in Bowser Breath has been shown to be over 400% more effective than parsley extract alone.

The formula contains only human food grade ingredients, no concentrated essential oils or synthetic preservatives, and a combination herbs that are very safe!

1/2 OZ
Price: $4.95

Animals' Apawthecary FidoDent Herbal Mouth and Gum Formula - 1 oz bottle


Animals' Apawthecary FidoDent Herbal Mouth & Gum Formula - 1 oz bottle

FidoDent was designed as a safe and effective antibacterial remedy against feline and canine gingivitis and other infections of the mouth.

Price: $10.99

Animals' Apawthecary Licorice Tncture


Animals' Apawthecary licorice tincture is an extract of a single herb (licorice root), it is not a blend. Licorice is primarily used as an antiinflamatory, and is thought to be especially effective in the gut for issues such as IBD or ulcerations.

Dosages: Dogs: 20-40 drops (.5mL-1mL) once to twice daily Cats: 10-20 drops (.25mL-.5mL) once to twice daily Squirt directly into mouth or serve on food.

Ingredients: Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) in a base of pure vegetable glycerin, distilled water. Alcohol free.

2 OZ
Price: $20.99
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Animals' Apawthecary Phytomucil


Animals' Apawthecary Phytomucil

An herbal remedy designed specifically for management of inflammatory bowel disease and other chronic or acute irritations of the digestive tract.

2 oz
Price: $19.99

Animals' Apawthecary Tinkle Tonic (2oz)


Animals' Apawthecary Tinkle Tonic

An herbal remedy for urinary tract problems. Designed to disinfect, soothe, and protect the urinary tract without irritating the kidneys. Especially useful for cats! An antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, soothing, and tonifying combination of Couchgrass, Echinacea (purpurea), Marshmallow, Dandelion, and Horsetail.
Price: $19.99

Animals' Apawthecary Yucca and Alfalfa Blend


Animals' Apawthecary Yucca and alfalfa Herbal Drops

Four time-honored herbs for arthritic joints .For chronic joint inflammation, usually used with EFA and glucosamine supplements.

Gylcerin-based Formulations for Dogs & Cats All tinctures are formulated by leading veterinarian herbalists who are intimately familiar with the needs and sensitivities of dogs and cats. The herbs used are selected from the highest quality certified organic or sustainable wild-harvested North American sources in the world. These naturally balanced herbal blends have a sweet flavor that appeal to most dogs and cats and come with an unbreakable, recyclable, plastic dropper to assure safe application.

2 oz bottle.
Price: $19.99

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