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Sea Bones -For smaller dogs (similar to Sea Jerky)-FREE GROUND SHIPPING


Sea Bones by NutriSea« perfect size for smaller dogs

Sea-Bones are made with real beef, chicken livers and NutriSea's patented anti-inflammatory Sea Chondroitin. Together with Glucosamine HCL, kelp, Ester-C*, garlic and green tea extract, this nutritional supplement can be administered any time.

Sea Bones can be given daily as a healthy training aid or just as a delicious (smells like *really fresh* beef jerky) and nutritious snack.

Good for a healthy digestive system, good for the skin and coat, good for any dog!

Recommended Treats:

As a nutritional supplement for increased joint mobility, give one or two bones daily for smaller dogs (10-20 lbs). Two bones supplies 375 mg. of patented Sea Chondroitin and 140 mg. of Glucosamine HCL, for healthy, flexible joints.

Ingredients: Chicken livers, wheat, de-boned beef, corn syrup, glycerin, gelatin, Sea Chondroitin, pre-biotics, carrot flakes, brewers yeast, Glucosamine HCL, flax seed, kelp, garlic, lecithin, phosphoric acid, potassium sorbate, Vitamin E, Ester-C*, green tea polyphenols, marine trace minerals and marine carotenoids.

1 lb Bag -about 100 bones
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Tasha's Herbs Digesta-Soothe


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