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Botanical Dog Neem Dream Dog  Shampoo-a non chemical alternative


NOW 17 OZ and sold in a concentrated Form.This Product Mixes 3:1(approx 51 oz)

Excellent as a Non -Chemical Flea Shampoo and also As a Mange Shampoo(Neem Oil is very effective at killing mange mites)

Botanical Dogs Neem Dream shampoo was specially formulated, to wash away your pet skin problems and to provide a safe alternative to chemical based products. Also soothes Flea bite Dermatitis.

· Neem Oil is a has antibacterial and antiseptic proprieties
.Soothes skin from irritations.

· Eucalyptus act as a natural pet deodorizer

17 OZ

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Price: $16.99

Botanical Dog Neem Dream Dog Conditioner


New 17 Oz Bottle In concentrated Form mixes 8:1 Makes approx 136 OZ

· Eucalyptus act as a natural pet deodorizer

17 OZ

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Price: $16.99

Botanical Dog Neem Dream Spray- a non chemical alternative


Botanical Dogs Neem Dream spray was specially formulated, to alleviate dogs summer scratching problems, and to provide an alternative to chemical based products.Also helps with flea bite dermatitis.Mange mites

Discourages summer problems.

· Stimulates circulation and blood flow to skin damaged by bites and scratches
· Freshens and deodorizes. Can also be sprayed on your dogs bed.

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8 OZ

Price: $13.99

Botanical Dog Neem Dream 4 Step Dog Care System-A non chemical alternative


Botanical Dog Neem Dream Therapy Set-Free shipping in the Usa

With Key ingredients of Neem oil,Eucalyptus,Spearmint and Peppermint.This Therapy provides a safe alternative to chemical based products.

4 Step Dog Care System

NEW 17 Oz Shampoo Mixes 3: 1 (makes Approx 51 OZ) concentrate or full strength
Conditioner in our new 17 OZ mixes 8:1 Makes approx 136 OZ.concentrate or full strength
Ear Cleaner.
Daily Refresher

2 -8 OZ Bottles and 2 17 Oz bottle in pack

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This botanical formula was developed as a natural, botanical alternative to chemical pesticides in controlling fleas and ticks on your pet. It is easy to apply and leaves a mild, fresh smell. You simply spray on a light application, massage into pet's coat, and it starts to work immediately to repel and kill fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.
Price: $12.99

Earth Animal Internal Flea and Tick Powder


Earth Animal Internal Powder (Tablets no longer manufactured)

Internal Powder is a special blend of dark brewer's yeast, garlic, B vitamins, minerals and special nutrients that work together synergistically and more effectively for fleas than yeast and garlic alone. Taken orally, the Powder produces an odor that is undetectable by humans and is loathed by fleas and ticks, mosquitoes, and black flies. Taken regularly, the Internal Powder makes your animal less attractive to infestation. All ingredients are human food grade with no insecticides, chemical preservatives, salt or sugar. IT WORKS! Over 20 years of testimonials prove this product really works.
Earth Animal Options: Internal Powder 1lb (+$24.99)
Yeast Free (8 OZ) (+$29.99)
480 Tablets Medium -Large Breeds (+$39.99)
Price: $0.00

Ecopure Natural Flea and Tick Spray (4 OZ)


ecoPure Naturals flea & Tick spray - safely repel fleas and ticks without dangerous chemicals! Artificial, chemical-filled flea & tick sprays work by interfering with the nervous system of insects. Basically, these products stop the normal action of neuro-transmitters, causing the insects to lose control of bodily functions, go into convulsions, dehydrate and ultimately die. Guess what happens when pets come in contact with such sprays and either ingest or inhale them? Naturals’ Flea & Tick Spray also interrupts a specific set of neurotransmitters found only in insects, resulting in a complete breakdown of the insect's central nervous system, but it does this with food-grade ingredients, making it extremely environmentally friendly. You may have to reapply Flea & Tick Spray on your pet a little more frequently than the dangerous chemical sprays, but you can feel confident that it is safe.

ecoPure Naturals’ Flea & Tick Spray utilizes natural, safe, effective ingredients such as Castor Oil, Eugenol (Clove Oil) and Thyme Oil that have been used for decades as a defense against unfriendly pests. They are listed on the US EPA Biopesticide Active Ingredient Fact Sheet and the FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list.

Flea & Tick Spray contains 9% active ingredients (Castor Oil, Thyme Oil and Clove Oil). Castor oil comes from the castor seed, thyme oil from the herb thyme, and Eugenol is oil derived from cloves. These

4 OZ
Price: $9.99

Organic Eucalyptus Oil-4 OZ


Organic Eucalyptus Oil helps relieve sore muscles, lessens pain, and brings soothing relief to arthritic and rheumatic dogs. Due to its germicidal value, Eucalyptus Oil is a powerful disinfectant for burns, cuts, abrasions, and parasitic skin affections. It can also be used as a natural insect repellent.





Price: $13.99

Homeopet Flea Bite-Free Ground Shipping


A homeopathic formula that helps promote healing for itchy, irritated skin caused by flea, tick, or insect bites.

INDICATIONS: This remedy can produce relief from allergic dermatitis from flea, bug and insect bites. Animals and their normal resting areas should be treated to remove cause; this is important when animal is removed from treatment to prevent reccurrence.

PACKAGE SIZE: 15 ml bottle

Please see the More Details tab for ingredients and dosage information.

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Price: $12.99

NaturalPetRX Flea Free Powder (50g)


NaturalPetRx Flea Free.

One flea athlete set the long jump record at 4 feet! They can ingest blood up to 15 times their body weight and start laying eggs 2-12 days after feeding, up to 50 a day! At this point, chances are the carpeting, bedding and cushions are infested as well.
What to do? We do not have to look to toxic, powerful chemicals that maybe harmful to our pets, ourselves and our families. Sprinkle herbal powder, all over your animal friends and then all over your house or apartment.

The good news is many herbs emit powerful aromatic and volatile oils, which, while pleasant to us, are overwhelmingly repulsive to many insects, (luckily their sense of smell is far more powerful than ours) and they jump ship and move out.

Fresh dried powdered herbs also act as insecticides and repellents (against fleas, lice, ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes) while being non-toxic and effective. Sprinkle onto your animal friends while back-combing their coats, then sprinkle around their bedding or favorite hangout areas as part of your regular household cleaning chores to dissuade further unwanted guests. If the infestation is particularly stubborn, take the fight internally as well.

Supplement the diet Earth Animal Internal Powder sprinkled into their food each meal.
Price: $28.00

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