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Buster Cube Interactive Toy-Made in Germany


The Buster Food Cube is an ingenious toy for mental stimulation and a fun way for a dog to utilize excess energy in a natural way!

Color our choice red or blue

Great for Separation Anxiety

The original, 5" full size Buster Food Cube. Great for medium - large dogs. Stimulates your dog with food, fun & puzzle.

How to use the Buster Cubes Start the dog playing or eating by rolling the cube across the floor. The dog will use its nose to move the cube and gradually learn how to empty it, or in other words, the dog is rewarded with food or treats the more it plays with the cube. It is of course important to consider the extra nutritional energy intake provided through the cube. Therefore the daily amount of food must be kept at a level corresponding to the dog's needs in order to avoid obesity. As the dog gets more experienced and empties the cube faster, it is possible to increase the level of difficulty and thus maintain the value of the cube. This is done by turning the cylinder towards maximum or minimum respectively in order to adjust the speed at which the food is released during play

Buster Cube Large Buster Cube (+$19.99)
Small Buster Cube under 20lbs (+$16.99)
List Price: $21.99
Price: $19.99

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Ball Made in the USA


Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Ball-Made in the USa

Rated Top Product of the Year by numerous magazines and called the "world's best dog ball" by industry experts - this doggie-durable, buoyant, bouncy and minty toy is irresistible to dogs.

Minty Flavored for Fresh Breath Looks like a mini Earth.Non-toxic, recyclable and rinses clean. Imported.

Chew-o-Meter Rating: 5 out of 5 Chompers. This ball is the tuffest of the Orbee-Tuff toys! For extreme chewers.

Small 2 1/4 " Medium 3 1/4 " Large 4 1/4 "
Orbee Earth Small 2 1/4 " (+$6.95)
Medium 3 1/4 " (Tennis Ball Size)assorted colours (+$10.95)
Price: $0.00

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Puppy Small Dog Orbo-Made in the USA


Planet Dog has taken their award-winning Orbee-Tuff® Orbo and developed a special soothing formula just for teething pups.and for Small Dogs such as Maltese

3" inches High

Like all our other "big dog" toys, the Lil' Pup Orbo is chewy, buoyant, minty and bouncy

It was also designed with a Treat Spot

Assorted Pink or Blue.We choose!
Price: $6.95

Planet Dog Strawberry.Made in the USA


Orbee-Tuff® Strawberry with Treat Spot™ 4 out of 5 Chompers Give your buddy a shot of B12 with our new Orbee-Tuff® Strawberry. This toy delivers 100% of a dog’s daily requirement of rompoflavin, chompohydrates, vitamin WAG and dietary fun. Non-toxic, recyclable and rinses clean. Made in the U.S.A. 3" high. $9.95
Price: $9.95

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