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Catnip Pellets


Catnip pellet treats can be given 1 or 2 times a week as a treat. Excellent product for making mess free cat toys.

Refill your cat's toys with these no mess catnip pellets.
Price: $3.99

Tossabout Cat Toy from Jacobean sheep wool (2 packages)-Free Ground Shipping


Tossabout Cat Toy from Jacobean sheep wool (2 packages)-Free Ground SHipping

Tossabout Cat Toys scented with Catnip


Our cat toys are handmade from the beautiful black and white spotted fleeces of the Jacob sheep raised on a Wisconsin farm

The Tossabout Cat Toy is the perfect toy for your cat's playtime (sandwiched in between all those naptimes!)

These felted wool balls are lightly scented with organic catnip and have no artificial dyes or components.

Your cat will delight in attacking and tormenting the Tossabout Cat Toy. Many cat owners report that their felines become very possessive of these woolly toys. There is no need to throw out your cat's favorite toy when it starts to show wear and tear from your cat's constant attention. All you need to do is stuff the Tossabout Cat Toy into the toe of a sock, wash and tumble dry with your regular laundry, and the wool will refelt and repair itself, almost as good as new. You should not permit your cat to play with a damaged toy.

We do not think your cat will want just one.SO our price is for 2 toys!
Price: $7.99
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