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Tasha's Herbs Milk Thistle Seed-for dogs or cats


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Organic Norwegian Kelp


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Organic Neem Oil-8oz


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Nutiva Organic Hemp Seed Oil-24 OZ


Nutiva Hemp Seed Organic Oil-This is a great maintenance supplement. Essential fatty acids found in Hemp are among the 45 or so nutrients that dogs cannot live without, and that their bodies cannot manufacture and must be obtained through diet. Therefore - "essential." From a nutritional point of view, hemp is considered to be nature's most perfectly balanced EFA oil because the omega 3 and omega 6 acids are in an optimum ratio of 1 to 3 (one omega 3 to three omega 6).

Proper nutrition plays a key role in our pet's whole health-body, mind and behaviour. Few commercially prepared foods include the proper balance. Lack of, or incorrect balance of these may lead to deficiencies in skin and coat condition, blood health, cardiovascular health and heart function, hormonal function, organ function, immunity, energy and metabolic levels, behaviour and mental conditions and joint health. Cell membranes must receive support from Essential Fatty Acids. This is health at the cellular level.

Generally, notice a health difference within a month. Excellent energy levels, healthier coats, less pain from arthritis & joints, and a calmer disposition

Our Canadian grown hemp seeds are produced free of herbicides or pesticides, and they are cold pressed at temperatures well below 50ºC in a light and oxygen free environment to protect this delicate oil and insure the production of a fresh, quality oil with increased shelf life. Nature’s Perfect Oil ™ is clarified of any suspended solids and packaged as crude under nitrogen gas in (24.0 fl.oz) black poly bottles for the retail market.

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Omega 3,6,9-90 Capsules


OMEGA 3, 6, 9 is an advanced essential fatty acid (EFA) formula for dogs and cats to support healthy skin and coat. This formula is a blend of oils from Borage seed, Flax seed and Fish. These oils support the structure of cell membranes, help to maintain healthy skin and coats, support the immune system and promote support growth and development of the nervous system. Cats cannot convert LA to GLA since they lack the enzyme that is required for the conversion; it is therefore essential to supplement cats with a source of GLA. As a "multi" EFA product, OMEGA 3, 6, 9 will help restore the appropriate ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids. Daily supplementation with GLA, ALA, EPA, and DHA found in the OMEGA 3,6,9 is the best way to support the cat or dog regarding the health-protecting benefits of the essential fatty acids.

90 Capsules

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Omega 3 Plus Fish/Borage Oil


Animal Essentials-Essential fatty acids (commonly called EFA’s) are fat based nutrients that every mammal needs to maintain healthy function and structure of smooth muscle organs (heart/reproductive system), to protect and build liver cells, and to maintain healthy skin, coat and strong joint tissues. They have also been linked to retinal development and antioxidant activities, and they are responsible for the synthesis and modulation of various biochemicals that serve as mediators of the body’s various physiologic processes. In other words, if a body does not receive sufficient amounts of EFA’s critical body functions can be severely disrupted. Dogs and cats that are deficient in EFA’s typically develop chronic skin and coat disorders, digestive problems, cardiovascular disease, degenerative eye disease, and allergies. Even animals who show no obvious signs of chronic disease will often display dramatic benefits from an EFA-enriched diet very quickly. A shinier and softer coat, less shedding, healthier skin, fewer fleas, and better tolerance to flea bites and other allergens can be seen within just a few weeks of first feeding.

8 OZ
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Organic Tea Tree Oil


Antiseptic Tea Tree Oil is an excellent natural antiseptic for many of your pets skin disorders .

The oil immediately penetrates outer skin layers and mixes with body oils to treat such conditions as insect bites, cuts, burns, infected wounds, bruises, boils, lice, hot spots.

Anti-inflammatory Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil has pain-numbing properties and can be used topically for sprains, arthritis, eczema. DILUTE with a carrier oil or shampoo since the pure essential oil would be irritating to sensitive areas.

Anti-fungal Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil is an excellent antifungal and can be employed as a pet medication of yeast infections, fungus, and ringworm. For ringworm apply a tea tree gel, cream, or essential oil(with almond Oil) to the affected area, or add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to the bath water.

To fight plaque at your dogs teeth, brush with toothpaste containing tea tree oil.

For pet use ,make a 15 percent solution of tea tree oil by mixing 2 tbsp.full strength Tea Tree oil with 4 tbsp 80 proof vodka,vegetable glycerine or sulfated castor oil.Shake well and continue adding liquid until no oil floats to surface.Add any combination of enough ALoe Verajuice or gel,herbal tea((such as comfrey or calendula) and pure water to fill container to the 3/4 cup mark. Also, keep the oil away from the pets eyes.

1 OZ
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It’s a clear liquid in a small bottle but just a drop or two, diluted in water, packs a powerful punch against, pathogens, parasites, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Oxy-Doc provides a rapid downshift in an animal’s pH which creates a hostile environment for pathogens. The FDA has approved the main ingredient, sodium chlorite,as an effective microbial control in meat products, and against parasitic worms in freshwater fish and as a wash for all types of seafood. In one study conducted at the University of Florida, sodium chlorite produced the greatest reductions of microorganisms, over all other anti-microbial products tested. They did not use Oxy-Doc in the study, but they should have since the main ingredient in Oxy-Doc is the same as the one used in the study—sodium chlorite.

Oxy-Doc can be used internally or topically to treat many conditions that otherwise would require prolonged veterinary treatments. Oxy-Doc effectively aids against colds and flu by quickly reducing symptoms. Here are some uses but we are certain you can think of many more uses for this unique product:

.Wounds and skin Problems (eczema, psoriasis, hives) .Salmonella, e-coli .Respiratory problems .Yeast infections .Bacterial infections .Fungal infections .Ear infections .Mastitis .Intestinal virus .Hoof disinfectant .Dental and oral hygiene (prevents periodontitis, gingivitis) .Crypto .Warts .Skin cancer .Algae treatment in water tanks .Disinfectant .Ringworm .Kennel cough .Water decontamination .Raw food cleansing

Oxy-Doc is concentrated and must be diluted before using—a little bottle goes a long way when used properly.

Can be used internally or externally.

OxyDoc has been proven to release Chlorine Dioxide in a useful function. This product unlike other "hyped" water products is extremely stable, long lasting and fast acting. The substance known as C10 has powerful bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal properties.

What makes this product unique is its ability to rapidly change pH. This shift causes pathogens to die off, quickly.


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Nickers Plush Dry Shampoo for Dogs and Cats


Nickers Plush And Dry Shampoo and Deodorizer-No water needed

Brush on Plush - Brush out odor, dirt, dandruff and excess oil.

Plush is enriched with Biotin and Aloe. 100% safe, natural and organic. Contains no talc, chemicals, detergents or solvents. Deodorizes without "smelly" perfumes.

18 OZ Jar with Shaker

Price: $13.99

Organic Peppermint Essential Oil


Not only will this essential oil send the fleas hopping and it also stimulates circulation.It is very useful as a massage oil.....





Price: $8.95

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