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PetzLife Gel


Petz Life Gel
Price: $25.95

Petzlife Oral Care Spray


Price: $24.95

Petzlife Oral Care Spray/Gel 2 Pack-Free SHipping in the USA


Petzlife Oral Care Spray/Gel 2 Pack

For even faster results spray in the morning brush in the evening. With this special pricing don't forget an extra pack or 2 for all your pet loving friends
Why risk Anesthesia shock, or even death!!! Clean your Pet's teeth without going to the Vet. PetzLife Oral Care Spray & Gel are revolutionary award winning products that thousands of satisfied customers agree not only remove plaque and tartar but also kill **Product Pick** AnimalWellness Magazine bacteria on contact, the main cause of bad breath in cats and dogs! Research has indicated that the number one health problem diagnosed by veterinarians in dogs and cats is oral disease. Bacteria accumulation can lead to oral disease and increase the risk for disease in other organs, such as the heart, liver and kidneys, according to research. 100% All Natural and safe for all breeds of dogs and cats!!! "Mouth infections can lead to serious problems in the gums and other parts of the body, including the heart, so it's important to give your dog's teeth and mouth special attention." -- American Kennel Club Simply use our Spray or Gel on pet’s teeth and the active natural ingredients will remove plaque and tarter, kill bacteria, heal gums, and eliminate bad breath!

Spray 2 oz Gel 4 Oz
Price: $0.00

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Ball Made in the USA


Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Ball-Made in the USa

Rated Top Product of the Year by numerous magazines and called the "world's best dog ball" by industry experts - this doggie-durable, buoyant, bouncy and minty toy is irresistible to dogs.

Minty Flavored for Fresh Breath Looks like a mini Earth.Non-toxic, recyclable and rinses clean. Imported.

Chew-o-Meter Rating: 5 out of 5 Chompers. This ball is the tuffest of the Orbee-Tuff toys! For extreme chewers.

Small 2 1/4 " Medium 3 1/4 " Large 4 1/4 "
Orbee Earth Small 2 1/4 " (+$6.95)
Medium 3 1/4 " (Tennis Ball Size)assorted colours (+$10.95)
Price: $0.00

Ark Naturals BREATH-LESS Plaque Zapper(Thirty 2 gm/.07 oz. pouches per box.)


Ark Naturals Breath-Less Fizzy Plaque-Zapper fights plaque, tartar, bad breath & stained teeth! Veterinarian recommended and formulated.

Plaque-Zapper contains naturally available enzymes that are activated by mouth saliva. As your pets drink from their water bowl Ark's Plaque Zapper...Zaps harmful mouth bacteria and their clinically tested enzymes stop plaque from sticking to teeth. Will not change your pet's drinking or eating habits.
Plaque Zapper Small/Medium (+$13.99)
Medium/Large (+$14.99)
Price: $0.00

Tasha's Herbs Propolis-Herbal Supplement


Tasha's Herbs Propolis consists mainly of tree resins collected by honeybees,it helps sterilize the hives.Propolis inhibits the growth of various viruses and fungi.In addition to being antimicrobial,it is anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.It also stimulates new tissue growth.Studies have shown it useful for gum inflammation and oral mucosa.It was also found effective in the treatment of chronic gingivitis and oral ulceration.

Wipe on gum Line.

2 OZ
Price: $24.99

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Puppy Small Dog Orbo-Made in the USA


Planet Dog has taken their award-winning Orbee-Tuff® Orbo and developed a special soothing formula just for teething pups.and for Small Dogs such as Maltese

3" inches High

Like all our other "big dog" toys, the Lil' Pup Orbo is chewy, buoyant, minty and bouncy

It was also designed with a Treat Spot

Assorted Pink or Blue.We choose!
Price: $6.95

Planet Dog Strawberry.Made in the USA


Orbee-Tuff® Strawberry with Treat Spot™ 4 out of 5 Chompers Give your buddy a shot of B12 with our new Orbee-Tuff® Strawberry. This toy delivers 100% of a dog’s daily requirement of rompoflavin, chompohydrates, vitamin WAG and dietary fun. Non-toxic, recyclable and rinses clean. Made in the U.S.A. 3" high. $9.95
Price: $9.95

Triple Pet Three Sided Toothbrush


The Triple•Pet toothbrush gets the job done faster, easier and better. The three flexible heads maintain the proper pressure on all surfaces of the tooth with every stroke. In addition to the standard top bristles, the two side bristles are at the proper 45 degree angle for thorough surface cleaning while the soft outer bristles massage and stimulate your pet's gums. By running the brush over thinner and thicker parts of a finger, you can see Triple•Pet's independent brushes in action!

Key Benefits:

* The bristles are in cleaning contact with every exposed part of each tooth, small or large, and in massaging contact with the inner and outer gum lines in a single stroke.

* Fitting snug to all exposed parts of the teeth, top, front and back, it is much easier for you to keep the brush on your pet's teeth even if the animal may move.

* Brushing your pet's teeth is a major step to keeping your pet healthy and happy.

* Brushing wards off bad breath, gum disease and other mouth infections.

* There is a scientifically proven connection between unhealthy gums and heart disease.

Who doesn't want a healthier pet, to say nothing about lower pet dental and veterinarian bills.

Triple•Pet is the only pet toothbrush with a padded handle giving you a better grip, even when wet, while also providing greater protection to your pet's sensitive mouth area. Furthermore, it is the only pet toothbrush based on a brush that is accepted by the American Dental Association.
Price: $4.99

Triple Pet Toothpaste


TriplePet toothpaste has a natural vanilla flavor that pets love, plus it contains a tartar control formula and a touch of tea tree oil for healthy gums. Since it is sweetened with stevia, a natural herb, it is sugar free and provides a clean sweet breath for your pet. The toothpaste is non-foaming, so no rinsing is necessary after brushing. 2.5 oz. Made in the USA.
Price: $6.99

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