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NaturalPetRX Flea Free Powder (50g)


NaturalPetRx Flea Free.

One flea athlete set the long jump record at 4 feet! They can ingest blood up to 15 times their body weight and start laying eggs 2-12 days after feeding, up to 50 a day! At this point, chances are the carpeting, bedding and cushions are infested as well.
What to do? We do not have to look to toxic, powerful chemicals that maybe harmful to our pets, ourselves and our families. Sprinkle herbal powder, all over your animal friends and then all over your house or apartment.

The good news is many herbs emit powerful aromatic and volatile oils, which, while pleasant to us, are overwhelmingly repulsive to many insects, (luckily their sense of smell is far more powerful than ours) and they jump ship and move out.

Fresh dried powdered herbs also act as insecticides and repellents (against fleas, lice, ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes) while being non-toxic and effective. Sprinkle onto your animal friends while back-combing their coats, then sprinkle around their bedding or favorite hangout areas as part of your regular household cleaning chores to dissuade further unwanted guests. If the infestation is particularly stubborn, take the fight internally as well.

Supplement the diet Earth Animal Internal Powder sprinkled into their food each meal.
Price: $28.00

Sentry Natural Defense Flea Powder(2.5 oz)


SENTRY® Natural Defense™ Natural Flea & Tick Powder kills fleas and ticks on contact, yet it’s safe to use around your pets and your family when used as directed.

. The powder’s natural active ingredients include peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, lemon grass oil, thyme oil and eugenol.

2.5 oz container
Price: $11.99
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SENTRY® Natural Defense™ Natural Flea & Tick Squeeze-On(4 month Supply)


for Dogs & Puppies . For use on dogs who are over 12 weeks old. 4month supply kills fleas and ticks on contact. Kills and repels ticks, fleas and mosquitoes with natural ingredients for up to four weeks. All Sizes ARE NOW 4 month Supply(4 vials)
Price: $0.00

HappyTails Flea the Scene..8oz


Happytails Flea the Scene

Skin soothing insect spray with sunscreen

Nothing ruins a relaxing day in the sun like uninvited guests. Mosquitoes, fleas and annoying neighbors can all turn that perfect afternoon into sheer torture. All natural Flea the Scene is a 3-in-1 spray that will take the sting out of flea season while soothing and protecting your canine companion.

Flea the Scene also soothes irritated skin with Indian Frankincense and aloe vera while providing UV protection with an all-natural sunscreen (don’t forget that dog's get sunburned too!).

All natural Flea the Scene:

It's all natural and perfectly safe even if your dog licks it off

A perfect complement to products like Frontline & Advantage No overwhelming medicinal aroma like some sprays

Perfect product for a day at the beach or a walk in the park Yes you can use it on yourself

Flea the Scene contains no SLS or Parabens...and of course, is cruelty free..well except to mosquitoes, fleas and annoying neighbors
Price: $14.00

Sentry Natural Defense Flea and Tick Carpet and Floor Powder(10 oz)


SENTRY® Natural Defense™ Natural Flea & Tick Carpet Powder kills fleas and ticks on contact, yet it’s safe to use around your pets and your family when used as directed. Each easy-to-use container contains enough powder to cover up to 2,000 square feet. The powder’s natural active ingredients include peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, lemon grass oil, thyme oil and eugenol. 10 oz. container of natural flea and tick carpet powder. If you are concerned about the safety of the products you have in your home, here's comforting news. Sentry Natural Defense Natural Flea & Tick Carpet Powder provides quick killing action and long lasting control of fleas, ticks, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, and other indoor pests
Price: $19.99
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Flea Relief Kit- Easy Solutions


This Kit promotes the healing of itchy, irritated skin caused by flea, tick, or insect bites.It also repels insects from causing further damage.

. Flea Therapy Shampoo with Neem Oil-17oz

.Flea Therapy Spray with Neem Oil-8oz

.Organic Neem Oil-2oz

.Homeopathic Flea Bite Formula
Price: $40.96

Natural Animal Herbal Flea Collar For Dogs


Natural Animal Herbal Flea Collar

Repels Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Gnats and Biting Flies

Rechargeable-Lasts up to Three Months Pleasant Herbal Scent

The Herbal Flea Collar contains a sturdy cotton collar you can trim to fit, and a 1/2oz. (14.8ml) bottle of Insect Shooo recharging solution.

Ingredients: Oils of Citronella, Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Rosemary, and Sesame.
Price: $7.99

Halo Herbal Dip (.5 oz)


Halo Herbal Dip (.5oz)

A gentle alternative to harsh chemical dips. A concentrated blend of aromatic oils that helps repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, ants and flies.
Price: $12.99
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Dr.Harvey's Herbal Protection Spray (8oz)


Herbal Protection Without Chemicals Protects Naturally Herbal Protection Spray will protect your dog without the use of chemicals.

Spray before and after walking. Also can be sprayed on leashes, collars and bedding.

Safe and Effective Without the Use Of Dangerous Chemicals

Dr. Harvey’s Herbal Protection Spray contains no chemicals and no DEET keeping you, your dog and your home safe from the dangers of harsh chemicals.
Price: $16.99

Hot Spot Kit


Our Botanical Dog Skin Care Powder. 4 oz (Itch Free Dog"

Homeopathic Hot Spot(Liquid Drops)
Price: $24.99

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