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Wysong Biotic PH Minus


Biotic pH- is designed for cats or dogs needing assistance generating and maintaining an acidic urine to help prevent struvite crystal formulation. 10.5 oz.
Price: $26.99

Wysong Biotic PH Plus


Wysong Biotic pH Plus Biotic pH Plus is designed for cats or dogs needing assistance generating and maintaining an alkaline urine to help prevent oxalate, or urate crystal formation.

11.5 OZ
Price: $23.99

NaturalPet RX Kidney Support-Herbal Remedy


NaturalPet Rx Kidney Support : Herbal nourishment for the kidneys.

The kidneys play a large role in the TCM scheme of body and mind. They store and generate the vital life force, (Qi) of the body and mind. They also control reproduction, fertility, and govern strong bones and marrow. Japanese studies using this formula base demonstrate benefits for elderly animals and also improved kidney function; author of one study states ”blood pressure reduction was associated with a decrease in cardiac mass and in thickness of the aortic wall. Urinary excretion of prostaglandin E2 was increased and glomerular filtration rate was improved with this treatment. Glomerulosclerosis and arterial injury in the kidney were morphologically improved. The data suggests that Hachimi-jio-gan, (Rehmania Eight) extract exhibits an anti-hypertensive effect, which is associated with partial resolution of renal injury in salt-induced hypertension.”

Combined with Asian ginseng, it synergistically prevents protein metabolism, thereby slowing the aging process, reducing wrinkling and joint damage while protecting against tumors. Buchu acts as a urinary tract antiseptic inhibiting the growth of bacteria

40 Gram Bottle
Price: $25.95

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