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Wysong Biotic PH Minus


Biotic pH- is designed for cats or dogs needing assistance generating and maintaining an acidic urine to help prevent struvite crystal formulation. 10.5 oz.
Price: $26.99

PET NATURALS(Now VETRISCIENCE) Bladder Support for Dogs-90 tablets


Formerly Known as Pet Naturals This Product is now Vetriscience Same manufacturer same ingredients Bladder Strength for Dogs features an advanced combination of ingredients that work together to support normal bladder function and health. Bladder Strength for Dogs contains pumpkin seed powder, Rehmannia glutinosa, wild yam extract, saw palmetto, and olive leaf extract. The combination of these ingredients supports normal hormone levels, renal function, bladder muscle strength, and normal bladder tone after spaying.
Price: $28.99

NaturalPet RX Bladder Clear


Price: $29.95

Homeopet Leaks No More-Free Ground Shipping*


Homeopet Leaks No More-Free Ground Shipping

A homeopathic formula specifically for uninary incontinence or "leaking". Occurs most frequently in older or spayed females.

INDICATIONS Urinary incontinence in bitches post neutering and older male dogs, other forms of incontinence may respond to its use also although not specifically intended for these.

PACKAGE SIZE: 15 ml bottle

Please see theDetails tab for ingredients and dosage information.

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Wysong Pet Inoculant


Wysong Pet Inoculant is an orally-dosed concentration of probiotic cultures and immunoglobulins. There is a universe of life within the digestive tract. Microorganisms populate the intestines and colon in numbers 10 times greater than the total number of cells in the body itself - over 10 billion per gram of stool. One half the dry weight of stools is microorganisms. This population of organisms is being increasingly found to have profound effects on health. There is a delicate balance, however, between those organisms which contribute to health in assisting digestion, synthesizing nutrients, and inhibiting cancer-causing biochemicals, for example - and those which can cause disease. Beneficial (probiotic) organisms in the diet can help rebalance the digestive tract. Wysong Pet Inoculant is an orally dosed concentration of probiotic cultures and immunoglobulins. The probiotic cultures have been selected for their specific health enhancing activity in pets as well as for their competitive inhibition of pathogenic E. coli bacteria. Each cc contains 200 million CFU of four bacterial species. Additionally, Pet Inoculant contains fractions from cow first milk which is rich in colostrum antibodies. Pet Inoculant is designed to be used at birth, weaning, in conjunction with antibiotic therapy, and during any stressful condition. The no mess pump dispenser delivers a 1cc dose per squeeze.

Price: $25.99



Pet Naturals Lawn Rescue

Americans are undeniably in love with their dogs, but they hate the way pet urine can discolor their beautiful lawn. That's why Pet Naturals created Lawn Rescue. Those discolored spots, known as lawn burn, are caused by the high nitrogen waste products in dog urine. Feeding a few chewable tablets daily (depending on the size of the dog) helps reduce the nitrogen effect and fights offensive odor. Lawn Rescue is formulated with four natural ingredients that are beneficial to dogs: DL-methionine, an essential amino acid that helps to reduce ammonia levels. Brewer's yeast, which is rich in B vitamins, imparts a light diuretic effect so the ammonia is less concentrated. Yucca shidigera extract to bind the ammonia while neutralizing urine odor. Plus cranberry extract to help optimize urinary tract health. And, like every Pet Naturals product, Lawn Rescue tablets have a taste dogs crave - taste tests reveal 97% palatability.

120 Chicken Liver Tablets

Brewers Yeast,DL-Methionine,Cranberry Extract,Yucca

Give 1 tablet per 20lbs Body weight
Price: $8.99

Animals' Apawthecary Tinkle Tonic (2oz)


Animals' Apawthecary Tinkle Tonic

An herbal remedy for urinary tract problems. Designed to disinfect, soothe, and protect the urinary tract without irritating the kidneys. Especially useful for cats! An antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, soothing, and tonifying combination of Couchgrass, Echinacea (purpurea), Marshmallow, Dandelion, and Horsetail.
Price: $19.99

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