Earth Animal Internal Flea and Tick Powder 1lb



  • Earth Animal Internal Flea Powder 1lb

  • Internal Powder is a special blend of dark brewer's yeast, garlic, B vitamins, minerals and special nutrients that work together synergistically and more effectively for fleas than yeast and garlic alone. Taken orally, the Powder produces an odor that is undetectable by humans and is loathed by fleas and ticks, mosquitoes, and black flies. Taken regularly, the Internal Powder makes your animal less attractive to infestation. All ingredients are human food grade with no insecticides, chemical preservatives, salt or sugar. IT WORKS! Over 20 years of testimonials prove this product really works. Formulated by Dr. Bob.

  • Dosage Slowly Introduce Internal Powder into your Dog and Cats daily meals. Double the dosage during peak Flea and Tick season. Use regular dosage during the winter months. Can be mixed with plain organic yogurt! Yummy!

  • Kittens and Puppies: 1 teaspoon Cats and Toy Breeds: 1 1/2 teaspoons Small Breeds 10-20lbs: 2 teaspoons Medium Breeds 21-50lbs: 1 tablespoon Large Breeds 51-80lbs: 1 1/2 tablespoons Giant Breeds 86 lbs: 2 tablespoons

  • INGREDIENTS Unprocessed brewers yeast, bone phosphate, zinc amino acid chelate, garlic, hops, rice bran, desiccated liver, di-methionine, egg shell calcium, whole dried eggs.

  • THE BENEFITS OF INTERNAL POWDER * Helps deter fleas, ticks, black flies, and mosquitoes * Helps reduce the incidence of fleabite dermatitis, lymes tick disease and heartworm. * The highly digestible protein found in the yeast, liver and eggs contain large amounts of sulfur, which is known to deter external pests. * Garlic is a blood and intestinal purifier and immune booster. * Unprocessed yeast and hops have oil residues that concentrate in the skin's oil glands and help deter external parasites. * The highly digestible minerals help the skin carry out its cleansing and detoxifying metabolic processes. * The concentrated b vitamins, especially (thiamin) which is known for its flea and tick repelling properties b6(pyridoxine) which is a natural antihistamine help minimize external pests and their symptoms. * The internal powder acts as a general nutritional tonic and stress reliever, which helps relax the body and boost the immune system. Generally, animals with an active, balanced immune system will naturally repel all external parasites.