NaturalPetRX Allerg-Ease Powder 50g



NaturalPetRx ALLERG-EASE for pets

Use for those pets with seasonal allergies.

  • Supports skin health
  • Supports healthy circulation
  • Helps maintain normal histamine levels
  • Supports a healthy immune system

Our animal friends suffer from allergies as we do. This formula calms the body’s responses to allergens such as pollen, house dust mites, fungal spores, and animal dander. It cools the inflammatory response in the nose, sinuses, throat, and eyes. It contains chrysanthemum, an herb that, along with forsythia, effectively clears heat and itching from the eyes. Astragalus and siler boost the immune system to defend against allergen attack. Turmeric, long used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, is an effective anti-inflammatory, potentiated by bromelain, an enzyme from pineapple. 

Each bottle is 50 grams and comes in a powder form with a 1 gram scoop included.Bottle lasts from 20-80 days,depending on pet size.THIS IS NOT CAPSULES


Bai Zhi Angelica Root
Field Mint Leaf
Magnolia Flower
Cocklebur (Xanthium) Fruit
Allium Bulb
Green Tea Leaf
Feverfew Herb
Eyebright Herb
Astragalus Root
Forsythia Fruit
Chrysanthemum Flower
Siler Root


Based on Xanthium formula, Cang Er Zi San, (1253 A.D.), and Rhinitis tablets, Bi Yuan Pian.


Per day for two weeks or until symptoms subside. Do not give for extended periods:


Size (Cat or Dog) Animal Weight (lbs)


scoops per day

Small 5-20
0.5-1 scoop
Medium 20-40
1-2 scoops
Large 40-60
2-3 scoops
Giant 60-100
3-5 scoops

Not to used during pregnancy. May be a GI irritant. Not to be used in high doses with anti-coagulant drugs or animals with stomach ulcers.