NaturalPetRX Cardio-Support 50g Powder



Coleus Rhizome is an Indian herb that became well known twenty years ago when its ingredient, forskolin, was found to support normal heart and brain circulation.Hawthorn is considered support for the heart by European herbalists.

Ginkgo and Hawthorn have been shown to support healthy normal blood flow. These two ingredients support antioxidant function and are used alongside the Chinese formula Gui Pi Tang, which modern Chinese use to support the heart. Ginseng support normal cholesterol and platelet levels. Polygala supports healthy arteries.

  • Helps support normal cardiovascular function
  • Supports normal heart and vasculature functioning
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Supports normal blood pressure
  • Supports normal heartbeat

  • Asian Ginseng Root
    Polygala Root
    Astragalus Root
    Atractylodes Root
    Poria Sclerotium (Hoelen)
    Zizyphus Seed
    Longan Fruit
    Saussurea Root
    Licorice Root
    Chinese Angelica Root
    Coleus Rhizome
    Hawthorn Berry
    Garlic Bulb
    Ginkgo Leaf

    Size (Cat or Dog) Animal Weight (lbs)


    scoops per day

    Small 5-20
    0.5-1 scoop
    Medium 20-40
    1-2 scoops
    Large 40-60
    2-3 scoops
    Giant 60-100
    3-5 scoops

    You may need to take this formula for extended periods. Use with caution with cardiac glycosides and MAO inhibitors. Should be used with caution in those animals with hypertension. Contraindicated with diarrhea. Not to be used prior to surgery. Excessive continuous doses may lead tdo Heinz body anemia in dogs; low continuous doses may lead to Heinz body anemia in cats. Not to be used with pre-existing anemia.